About Authentic Creativity - The Book

Authentic Creativity - How to Make the Most of Your Creative Intent, Strategy and Perspective (Cheryl Bezuidenhout), is about unlocking your true potential as an artist. It is for artists who seek to balance the challenges of intentions, actions and perceptions every day in their creative world. The book is a guide to discovering untapped creative potential by learning to overcome artistic challenges, solve creative and professional dilemmas and grow into your own Authentic Creativity. Filled with suggestions, exercises, advice and observations, Authentic Creativity will get you started on a path to understanding your creative Intent, Strategy and Perspective today.

An excerpt from the book's introduction:

"Life is a series of decisions and course corrections. The choices we make on a daily basis influence both the direction we take and how we approach what we do and say.

The creative process is only one subset of these daily decisions, but it relies on the same three fundamentals that underpin all decision-making: intent, strategy, and perspective. Keeping these three fundamentals in sync with each other is a requirement for living a balanced life as an authentic, creative individual. The harmony of the three is a constant exercise in balancing and rebalancing our intentions, our actions, and our perceptions. We are creatures of habit and often slip back onto the well-worn path. But with conscious effort and self-awareness, we can break free of the stifling effects of an ordinary life filled with mundane challenges that leave us creatively stumped and drained...

...This book will show you how to better equip yourself for an authentic, creative lifestyle, both personally and professionally. It is full of questions to ask yourself, questions I ask and answer, perspectives on what drives our creative force as well as what prevents us from tapping into it. Ultimately, it addresses how we can benefit from creativity’s great potential. This book also covers the challenges creativity presents, difficult decision processes, and taking action and following through on projects, assignments, quests or whatever creative path you have embarked on."


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