Embracing My Own Authentic Creativity in 2018

The book launch for We Are Mars.

The first half of 2018 has been extraordinary. It will be a year to remember for me, creatively speaking. Not only did I exhibit paintings in a local gallery here in Kamloops, I also published my first novel. We Are Mars is done and has been well received since it debuted a little over a month ago. I am very pleased with it as a culmination of two years of work.

Searching for Ground Exhibition

poster for the Searching for Ground exhibition

It's been a long time coming - my first exhibition of artworks in Canada. It comes at a time of great change for me personally, and the name of the exhibition - Searching for Ground - speaks into my journey as an artist and how it has led me here, to Kamloops, and to an arts community that are warm, interesting, lively, but above all - accepting.


Perspectives on Failure

In a recent discussion with a reader, I gained an interesting insight I thought I should expand on a bit - the reader noticed I speak a lot about the failures and negative experiences I have had in my career. This is a correct observation - I do spend a lot of time speaking of the failures and setbacks, frustrations and difficulties. The purpose of highlighting those experiences doesn't require any justification, but perhaps, some background clarification can help put things in a different perspective.

Where to Buy Authentic Creativity

Authentic Creativity Book in trade paperback

Authentic Creativity is now available to purchase as a softcover paperback, or as an ebook from various book outlets. This is not a comprehensive list so please use the title or the ISBN to search your local bookstore to see how to get your copy. The ISBN for Authentic Creativity is:

Paperback: 9780995092105 OR Ebook: 9780995092112


Why Every Visual Arts Creative Should Read Authentic Creativity

Authentic Creativity book


When I first began thinking through the concept of Authentic Creativity, I was compelled to ask myself, "Why would anyone read this book?" The answer to this question gave me the impetus I needed to continue with the project and to shape my thoughts, ideas, theories and observations into a book that I think all creative people should read. Why should you read this book? It's simple really - you owe it to yourself as an artist to investigate and try to understand what drives you creatively and to explore the possibilities of your own Authentic Creativity.

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