Authentic Creativity gets a refresh

Authentic Creativity has been flying low under the radar for a few years while I focus on writing and releasing my science fiction series, the Rubicon Saga. With only one more book in the series left to publish, I thought I should take a look at giving Authentic Creativity a refreshed look.

The second edition sports a new cover design, an updated layout, and is ebook exclusive (for the time beling, anyway). There are some minor updates to information and web links to include later developments and most importantly, it's now exclusively available through Amazon.

In time, I will update it to include thoughts on my creative pursuits as a writer, because I have learned a lot that I feel is applicable to the creative journey. As this is a manifesto of my creative journey, those updates will come in a third edition within the next two to five years. The valuable insights of being a creative writer will enhance what is already in the book and give it more depth in terms of who will be able to derive some benefit from it as a reference or guide to their creative endeavours.

Please go along to Amazon to check out the new and improved Authentic Creativity, and thank you for your continued support.

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