Embracing My Own Authentic Creativity in 2018

The book launch for We Are Mars.

The first half of 2018 has been extraordinary. It will be a year to remember for me, creatively speaking. Not only did I exhibit paintings in a local gallery here in Kamloops, I also published my first novel. We Are Mars is done and has been well received since it debuted a little over a month ago. I am very pleased with it as a culmination of two years of work. I've enjoyed the community I've developed both online and offline around the practice of writing and am feeling well-settled in this new path as an author.

A big part of reaching my goals creatively was recognising where that creativity was calling me to channel it to. The novel writing process is daunting, but it can be conquered by staying organised, setting progress goals and milestones and perservering, even when you don't think you can. Believing in what you are creating is also so important, because the moment that doubt creeps in, it threatens to derail months of effort and careful preparation. I 'built' rather than 'wrote' We Are Mars. It was a process of creating a set of main points, then expanding on them and then doing that again. It grew exponentially from a few small ideas into a complex story featuring many characters and many challenges for those characters to overcome. I am well pleased with the result and 'proofed' it with several 'beta-readers' that gave me such wonderful feedback. Their valuable contributions helped the book become a well-rounded and robust adventure. It is the beginning of a tale that will lead to more great adventures for the characters and, certainly, for me.

In creating We Are Mars, I have recognised a calling in myself that has lain dormant for a considerable time. Writing has been in me, waiting to emerge when the time was right. Authentic Creativity, uncorked a dusty bottle and brought to light a talent I had forgotten I had. When I was younger, I dabbled with writing occasionally. I wrote short stories and poetry in my own time, but I also wrote copy for products as a graphic designer, articles for magazines I worked on and did word-craft for many clients in my long journeybefore taking it on as a career choice only a few years ago. It took me writing Authentic Creativity to realise that this is what I want to do. This is what I was meant to do. I'm so glad I can harness writing as a creative pursuit and hope you come along with me on this journey.


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