Why Every Visual Arts Creative Should Read Authentic Creativity

Authentic Creativity book


When I first began thinking through the concept of Authentic Creativity, I was compelled to ask myself, "Why would anyone read this book?" The answer to this question gave me the impetus I needed to continue with the project and to shape my thoughts, ideas, theories and observations into a book that I think all creative people should read. Why should you read this book? It's simple really - you owe it to yourself as an artist to investigate and try to understand what drives you creatively and to explore the possibilities of your own Authentic Creativity.

I don't consider myself to be the world's leading authority on art, nor a significantly talented or wildly successful creative professional either. I do, however, know I have spent a lot of time analyzing and watching my creative process, as well as that of others', over the years and come to realize there's something more to it than what appears on the surface. There's more than just spontaneity and imagination that activates creativity. There's more than just money and success motivating the completion of artistic works. There's more than just a paintbrush putting marks on a canvas or a lens taking a picture. Our thoughts, planning processes and feelings shape and inform our overall creative process. In the build up to the book, I set out to articulate the specifics of what I wanted to convey and came upon the truism that everything we do is governed by three guiding principles - Intent, Strategy and Perspective. I explored each of those key principles from my own point of view and arrived at ideas and observations that I then developed the book around.

The insights, observations, and experiences I cover in the book are my own and they are flawed by my own perspective, but they convey the idea of Authentic Creativity in a way that, I hope, helps other visual arts creatives delve more deeply into the significant currents that flow beneath every creative attempt. Many artists struggle with finding the purpose and direction of their artistic output. I believe that following a deliberate path to self-awareness and exercising self-analysis can inform much of our creative effort and reveal hidden agendas, influences and meaning we were previously unaware of, despite evidence that leaked through in our work, successes and failures, or our attitudes towards creativity and our chosen professions. With this in mind, Authentic Creativity, the book, is a less-than-perfect attempt to bring forth an order to the deliberations that help to uncover the true face of our artistic nature. I say 'less-than-perfect' because it is based on my observations, my experiences; and will, no doubt, leave out areas that have particular importance to your process of artistic self-development. However, my purpose with the book is to provide a launching point for your investigations into, and musings over your own creative processes. The structure of the book also speaks to my limited experience as an author. My editor is a hero in my eyes for her attempts to right all my literary wrongs. I ask your humble forgiveness for vaguesness, inconsistencies and errors. I also ask for your understanding as it is, after all, an intimate creative work and one that remains in progress.



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