Authentic Creativity is an analytical and in-depth look into the creative process from conception to post production. The stepwise approach - determining intent, developing strategy and perspective - can help when one feels creatively blocked and uninspired.

The author recommends examining, acknowledging, and understanding your own emotions as an integral part of the creative process. As an artist myself, I found the advice helpful in reviving my own creative spirit. By understanding my own emotional and environmental influences on my work, whether good or bad, I can better understand my work and its success or failure. Although not all of the information applied to my own endeavors, there were a great many helpful tips and insights that I hadn't previously considered.

The division of the book into three parts based on the three basic principles being examined made sense and were well explained and expanded upon. The chapter summaries helped to solidify the concepts of each chapter and I found it worthwhile to bookmark these for future reference. This book is definitely worth a read and an asset on my own creative journey.


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